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1. As a colorist, what has been the biggest challenge for you this past year? What has been the biggest learning experience? 

The biggest challenge I have faced this year, with the pandemic, has been accommodating all my clients with such minimum capacity. With capacity restrictions throughout the city, it has been difficult to connect with my clients like we did before COVID. The entire past year has been a huge learning experience, I think, for everyone. Something I have really learned through all this is to appreciate the simplicity and the quiet moments throughout.

2. What is something not many of your clients know about you? 

Something I don’t think my clients know is that I learn so much from each person who sits in my chair and I much appreciate their support. I have a unique bond with each and every one of my clients. Their happiness and well-being is something I deeply and truly care about.

3. What is your favorite hair trend of the past 10 years? 

There has been so many unique and trendy hair looks in the past 10 years. I think hair has really evolved in the past decade, but the Balayage/ombre look will always be my favorite. 

4. Beauty trends/styles you loved in the past, but cringe at the thought of now? 

The 2000’s thick striped highlights. I’m guilty of wearing the look 15 years ago. 

5. things someone should know before going blonde for the first time?

1. Bleaching your whole head can be very damaging, so start slow and gradual 2. If you color your hair using box dye, either dark brown or darker you can forget about even attempting to go blonde, or expect breakage and multiple appointments to get the perfect color. 3. If you want to go blonde, virgin hair always has the best results. 4. Double-processed blondes, and even heavily highlighted hair takes upkeep and is high maintenance. 

6. What is your favorite type of color service you do? 

I enjoy doing all color, but my most favorite color service is Highlights from start to finish. 

7. I hear you are quite the wig master! Tell us more about your work with Terri and your wig clients. 

Working with Terri has been an enjoyable and very educational experience. I never knew how much there was to know about wig cutting and styling, coloring wigs, and making them. Terri has made it her life’s work to handcraft wigs for women going through chemo or some sort of hair loss. Divine Hair Donation is a wonderful and life-changing organization. I have been very fortunate to learn from Terri. There is definitely a learning curve to working on a wig versus someone’s actual head of hair. The clients are amazing, and I have learned just as much from these women as I have with Terri.

8. What is the best hair advice someone ever gave you? And what advice would you give a young woman/man going gray, but in denial about it? 

When I first got into hair, I was told by a mentor to never stop learning. Admit not knowing how to do something because no one will judge you, and from there you can learn from someone’s experience and expertise. As for advice to someone in denial about going gray, I would say embrace it. It’s part of our story and journey in life. I like to refer to grays as wisdom hair because with time we gain more wisdom. 

9.What sets you apart from your competitors? Why should someone choose Dina? What special extras do you offer that make your clients feel appreciated and keep coming back to you?

I am not one to brag or talk about myself or my work and I do not like to compare myself to other people and their work. I believe we are all unique, all have different skills and passions, and all bring something special to the table. However, if someone is seeking a colorist who listens well and really takes the time to understand a client’s wants and needs, and wants to maintain the integrity of their hair, then I’m your girl!! 

10. Hair care tips to make your color look fresh and last longer?

Use a color care shampoo (our Color Code shampoo is my current go-to) or a shampoo that is sulfate-free. Try to limit hair washing to 3 times per week, and do not use a lot of heat. If you do use a lot of heat, invest in a good hair hear protectant

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