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When Phyto asked if they could sit down with our founder, Mark Garrison, we jumped at the chance. Read the interview below.

La Phytothèque: Tell us a bit about you!
Mark Garrison: I have been a hairdresser for 42 years. I started fresh out of high school and started learning the ropes right away. I knew from the beginning that to be one of the best I had to work with other hairdressers that were considered top of the field. I worked as an apprentice at a salon, that was my first role, after which I was promoted to a stylist. I left a few years later to move to Paris where I worked as an editorial and studio hairdresser. I stayed in France for 8 wonderful years before feeling the itch to get back into a salon environment. Fast forward 20 years and the Mark Garrison Salon was born. This is where I train my apprentices in cut and color and make remarkable connections with clients.
LP: How have the PHYTO Paris products changed your approach to haircare and styling?
MG: PHYTO is way ahead of its time! I have worked with the line since the 1980s when I lived in Paris. It was a staple product for most editorial hairdressers. The brand taught me how important healthy haircare was. I’m so glad I learned this early on as it has definitely shaped the way I approach any styling technique.


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