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What has changed the most for the salon industry in the past year with COVID?

As a hair salon located in NYC we have seen drastic changes in our business. I think the biggest thing is that much of our clientele, and New York in general, have relocated to other parts of the United State and the world. CoVID 19 has been very impactful on all small businesses, but we are very grateful for our clients and the continued support we have received. It looks like the odds will get better sooner rather than later and we already saw some of the clients moving back to the city…Hope is on the way!

What has been the best part about the past year?

The best part was that Mark Garrison Salon was fortunate enough to stay open in the middle of the pandemic. I am so grateful to be able to come to work and do what I love, every single day. 

What precautions has the salon taken with CoVID, and once this is all over what practice will the salon continue to do?

We check the temperatures of each person that walks through the salon doors, we sanitize heavily touched surfaces continuously throughout the day, clients and staff are required to wear a mask, and all technicians wear an additional face shield. On top of that, we have routine checks with the NY Health Department, everyone is socially distanced and hair stations are sanitized after each client. We have to take COVID precautions very seriously. After this is all over, we will continue to sanitize as thoroughly as we have been this past year, the extra space between people is nice. And, who knows, perhaps during regular flu season, we will continue to all still wear our masks! 

Do you think COVID has impacted the salon industry permanently? If so, how?

Yes, I do believe hair salons and all small businesses have been impacted permanently. I think, after all this, we will see businesses grow again, and I think this has made us more grateful for customers and employees. COVID has really put on display people’s work ethic and to not take working and being busy for granted! It has completely transformed how my co-workers and I interact. Although we cannot hug and embrace each other like we used to, we have grown fonder of the relationships we have developed throughout the years and are eager to resume regular life together!

What is something not many of your clients know about you?

Most of my clients know me as just their hairstylist, but many of them don’t know that I am also the General Manager of the salon. Mark Garrison and I manage the space from head to toe! I like to stay discreet and work behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

What is your favorite aspect of cutting hair?

My favorite aspect of cutting hair are the interactions with clients from every generation and every walk of life. I love to see their smiles at the end of the service, especially now with the pandemic; people are living through a very tough and unprecedented time, so bringing them some joy and seeing it in their eyes means a lot to me.

Favorite cut/style to do on a client?

The Bob, the Bob, and the Bob. It is my French heritage!

What is a quick style someone can do on their own for a date night/night out?

If a client has long hair, I always recommend a simple ponytail. Or, to wrap the hair up into a sleek bun. Simple and easy is always what I recommend. 

What are your hair care tips for someone who just enjoyed a wonderful haircut by you?

I always recommend Finish Line by RE:MARK Hair Care, the salon’s brand. If you blow-dry your own hair at home, Finish Line is the best for that ‘at home salon feel’. If you’re a male with short hair it will bring out more definition front your cut. Truly a great product!

What are some must-have styling tools and must-have styling products?

My go-to styling tool, and the one I recommend to all my clients, is the Mark Garrison detangling brush. This brush is very gentle and can be used for all types of hair. Actually, I’m using it on my 3-year-old daughter’s hair and she loves it! 

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