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The launch of RE:MARK Hair Care is a dream come true. From its infancy, my brand strategy always included a charitable and philanthropic arm where I give a certain percentage of our sales before we even hit a profit. My belief is to give from the first fruits. I initially learned to ‘give back’ from my earliest days in church along with the moral importance to help those who are less fortunate. As in all religions, I was reared to believe that we must all do our part.

When you purchase a product from the RE:MARK Hair Care range, you’re not only helping a small business while it finds its feet, you also help the world. To me, a beautiful collaboration like that is what makes this all worth it. 

As we turn a corner into a new quarter, and a new season, you will see us cherry-pick charities that are doing incredible work around the world. These organizations have been selected by myself and my team and aligned with a specific product for a period of time. For the next three months, we’re donating 1% of all sales from our Smooth Out Shampoo and Conditioner to 1 Percentage For The Planet

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