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Gregory Mitouart

Inspired by travel, Greg brings worldly experience, a sophisticated charm, and unparalleled dedication to the clients at Mark Garrison Salon.  Originally from France, Greg began his hairdressing career 20 years ago in Champagne county and moved to the beautiful South of France to style tastemakers in the French Riviera.  It was there that he was attracted by the music of the ocean and joined the cruise ship industry servicing an international and upscale clientele.

During his time on board the cruise ships, Greg was given the opportunity to work in the Caribbean Islands for private clients and subsequently moved to the British Virgin Islands.  There he had the chance to cut and style hair in dream villas and yachts.

Greg moved to Italy to continue to enrich his talents with an Italian touch.  Greg believes that his traveling all over the world shaped his work with a unique signature inspired from all the countries he visited and worked.  From that richness blooms an elegant simplicity and remarkable aesthete.


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